October 17-30 training group resources

Another group of GREAT resources located by my SNHU training group

Best practices for online learning


Facilitating Online classes – as SHOES


Using the Case Method to Teach Online Classes

Reflections on Engagement in Online Learning Communities

Teaching Business Case Online Through Discussion Boards: Strategies and Best Practices – http://jme.sagepub.com.ezproxy.snhu.edu/content/34/4/499.full.pdf+html

Effective Online Discussion
Tech elements (aspirational)

Discussion board best practices

Instructor’s Discussion Forum Effort: Is It Worth It? http://jolt.merlot.org/vol7no3/cranney_0911.pdf

Managing online discussions:



Breakthrough Learning in a Digital Age – Closing Panel: Breakthrough Ideas to Drive Student Success http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2o1M8IoEG30
Developing Online Facilitation skills in Faculty using an Immersion Model of Training



SNHU Training group comments

I have enjoyed this whole training very much. In fact, and I mean this sincerely, SNHU has set the standard for onboarding. I also teach for a national university that recently made the switch to Blackboard. Basically, we got a bunch of emails, one conference call and then the proverbial shot rang out and it was starting time. Students and teachers alike panicked. We lost both students and faculty as the confusion was palpable. Anywho, back to point. I appreciate the ability to explore in a sandbox and being able to apply that which we learned before actually having students. No one wants to tell their students that they have no clue either. Thanks to both Frank and Kevin for the patience to teach these courses. I have enjoyed working with you all and see you all later.

This has been a very informative training, which allowed for extensive interaction between facilitator-participant and participant-to-participant. I will never forget the importance of encouraging critical thinking through the use of discussion forums. Encouraging is the key. For a quality online class, instructor presence is important in order to establish a learning community and rapport with students. I hope not to forget to implement the things I learned in this training, especially giving students detailed feedback, clearly stating learning objectives and selecting assessments that are consistent with course activities and resources. Great session

…it has been interesting to see the similarities in what consider best practices in instruction (feedback, standards based activities, instructor presence, etc.). Clearly, SNHU wants to make sure their courses are not just “busy work” and a waste of time for students. I like the approach.
Michael S

I feel very comfortable with the technology. Over the years, I have spent a lot of time in online courses and also using technology in an educational environment. I suspect as I go along questions will arise. As they do, I will find someone at SNHU to guide me. I will likely have more questions about policy and procedure than about using BlackBoard. I think these orientation courses are a great idea. I may have been able to survive without them but it would have been difficult. Every organization is different and it helps to dialogue with those who are familiar with how things work. I now have a better sense of SNHU’s approach to online instruction. I would like to visit the campus in the near future. I think talking to folks face-to-face would also help me become more comfortable with the program.
I hope the best for you all and look forward to working with you.
Michael S

I really enjoyed the second part of training.  The questions were relevant and encouraged us to think and to collaborate with each other.  The emphasis on critical thinking was very useful, as this is a very important skill (in my opinion), both in and out of the classroom. As mentioned in the discussion, keep playing with it!

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect with the online training. I found the first training session to be somewhat energy taking; however, I found this training to be energy giving. The trainer modeled what we are expected to do as instructors: created community, added humor with professionalism, encouraged critical thinking, provided significant, current and relevant resources, and above all else, I found you to be positive, encouraging and straight forward with your feedback. I believe the community share & support was a direct result of your modeling. Since the first training session was a high level overview of BB, I’m sure I’ll need tech support with some of the tools. Depending on the content and structure that is actually provided by SNHU, I may also need some assistance filling in any gaps in course design. I don’t know all that I don’t know, which, to be honest, is somewhat comfortable for me because I like to search and discover. I hope I never forget the purpose of my own interest in teaching an online class which is to empower students to become leaders in the sport industry and to positively influence their environment.

Thanks to all for sharing your insight.

Enjoyed the training and sharing experiences
Going forward I am confident we can count on each other to ensure our success
Thanks everyone

I’m actually a little sad to see this part of training come to an end. I wish we could have our own little meet up point to stay in touch and share our experiences as we go along. Online education is still pretty new to me, only been this a little over a year, so I’ve greatly benefited from everyone’s input.  I learned a lot, especially from the discussion boards. They were my favorite part. The most important thing that I will take away from this training is knowing how important an instructor’s presence can be. It seems to make or break a course…

October 2011 training group resources

Overview of Online teaching






Strategies / resources

Moderating / facilitating discussions






Buliding Community