What is Open Pedagogy?

OK – as this has been poorly / not yet defined anywhere I have seen, here’s my list:

In a class based on Open Pedagogy.

  • OCW / OER are used (shocker I know)
  • The course has a delineated area for the enrolled class (when grading, Registrar and FERPA might be involved) but it should support open, collaborative learning by un-enrolled students and encourage “drive-by-assignments” <— borrowed from Jim Groom (respect)
  • In addition to the school’s prescribed (in-the-syllabus) Learning Outcomes, Students must have input in their learning outcomes – what are they? / what will they need to learn for this course to be a success?
  • Students will dictate the format of their own deliverables – e-Portfolio, blog, YouTube channel, posted through social media (with the caveat of the next bullet)
  • All deliverables must be Open and submitted under a CC license.

Will require flexibility of grading but will hopefully stimulate autotelic study: students in the FLOW delivering work that is relevant, stimulating and creative. It will be awesome.


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