Public Speaking (NZ style)

Still here in Auckland – leaving tomorrow.

Auckland is a much larger / more cosmopolitan city than Dunedin, but the same “not-taking-yourself-too-seriously” spirit maintains. People here remind me of my hometown, Newcastle: mostly unpretentious / salt-of-the-earth. Articulate and self-deprecating but keen to have a laugh.
One other example of the humo(u)r – an ad I saw in-flight for dress shirts – think how that would be presented in the US!
The ad is in the form of a 7-point list of things to do / not to do when public speaking. Number 4 is Look Good, Feel Good, but all the others are like this:

(under) Dutch Courage
The Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) was fought mostly in what is now Germany. Most of Europe got involved at some point, including the Poms, who hoovered Dutch gin to calm themselves before battle. But given that no one really won the war, most of Europe was destroyed, and that it went on for thirty years, on can only conclude that the grog was to blame. So in the same spirit, drinking before you speak is a big no-no. Particularly if your slot is just after breakfast. Just don’t do it. Not even one.
Well, OK one. Three tops.



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