Mark Albion – free webinar

I received this earlier in the week from Mark Albion – founder of Net Impact who I first met when developing the Marlboro Gradcenter MBA in Managing for Sustainability back in 2006.

Hi Kevin –

Hope the job is going well and your life is full. Please catch me up when you can. In the meantime, I’m doing my annual free webinar and if you could get the word out
to your students and young professionals, that would be great. Any and all help appreciated.

Till we connect again soon, mark

I will be doing a free global webinar on December 9 at noon EST on
how to bring your passion into your profession to have a financially rewarding career with social impact.

Also, for those interested, please have them sign up now, as there is a maximum we can handle.

Sign Up Today: Mark Albion’s annual worldwide free webinar is at December 9th at noon EST.
Please send the message out to your friends to attend and can signup now at
or click

I’ll be offering simple tools and guidelines to align your inner self to a meaningful, well-paying career.
We call the three key steps: get clear. get connected. get hired.

In fact, you’ll learn:

• How to overcome restrictive beliefs to discover the real you.
• How to realize simple steps to implement positive change almost immediately.
• How to create a career you are passionate about with significant social impact.

Dr. Mark Albion was a student, administrator and professor at Harvard for 20 years, after which he co-founded six organizations, including Net Impact.
Most recently, he served for one year in the Office of the President at Babson College. A New York Times Best Selling author, he has written seven books
and made over 600 visits to business school campuses on five continents, for which BusinessWeek dubbed him, “the savior of business school souls.”
In 2010, he co-found More Than Money Careers LLC, which helps university staff guide students interested in careers with social impact.
In 2011, Dr. Albion co-convened the Founders Circle at Net Impact to help students “work for good.”


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