Open LMS – Rationale

“Today’s learning, whether on the ground or online, tends to take place in fairly closed learning environments that are isolated form the real world. If the LMS begins to embrace the movement toward openness in education, it will begin to break down this artificial barrier, allowing knowledge and learning experiences to flow more easily across it. A secure but permeable LMS of this nature will facilitate regular interactions between students and experts from industry as well as peers from other cultures and societies. At the same time it will promote the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) as well as the dissemination of student-generated content for use by those outside the institution. And the integration of the LMS with electronic portfolios, particularly those that support structured assessment, will provide instructors with powerful tools to assess student learning in more authentic ways than traditional multiple-choice tests. We may be entering a new assessment era in which students will graduate not with a single-page transcript but a media-rich portfolio that provides direct evidence of their achievements.” – Josh Baron – Marist College


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