Initial Flatworld pilot

This was an update from back in September when I reported out on the below:

“We are in VERY early days (some would say daze) with the Flatworld project. Three courses, ECO 201, ECO 202 and MKT 113 are piloting the Flatworld texts in EW2. It’s a tight squeeze time-wise but with the admin help of A. and her team, Associate Dean endorsement, and the Design team’s can-do attitude, we are moving well and I have seen, or heard of few issues thus far.

A quick check in with the advising team indicated that the fall pilot was going to reach over 300 online students. Going with Flatworld’s pricing of between zero and $45 (average spend = $20) means that we are saving the student body approximately $31,000 in one term. Given the projected growth and over 20 Flatworld materials matches (courses where they have a text that will work), that we will look to launch in the early 2012 terms, I would say conservatively this will amount to over $250,000 more in our students’ pockets than would otherwise have been the case.

A great start.”


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