Open Study

Had a great meeting with Preetha Ram – Co-Founder of Open Study where we introduced the SNHU Innovation Lab team to her and the Open Study environment.
The I-Lab team are fully engaged – Open Study is very well set up to provide first tier community support and a shot at “the Wisdom of the Crowd” as an alternative to having to take everything to a FT faculty member.
Preetha illustrated how people feel encouraged on Open Study to contribute explanations rather than just answers. Open Study’s archiving and reporting features allow faculty and administrators to check in on discussions and see how learning is happening. I think that Open Study wins my personal award for best implementation of Game theory / principles to a working academic environment. The medals, awards, badges and enhanced avatars for stellar contributors melds well the principle of gamification-making-it-sticky with concrete academic purpose.
We are looking forward to some great partnership work and hope to be involved in some of their ongoing research.
It’s great meeting smashing people (and products!)


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