Roadmap to a new assessment model

Peter Rawsthorne’s blog has a great overview of suggested developments in assessment for open learning environments (my underlines):

The Roadmap

  1. In the immediate term we should build peer-assessment to utilize and promote the use of badges. This will get us going quickly and then build upon this with greater automation and other assessment approaches.
  2. In the near term we should build rubrics to allow people to perform self-assessments and then submit portfolio for a peer-review. Peer reviewers should also be given badges for executing N peer reviews. This does not require a lot of automation, can be implemented quite quickly.
  3. In the close term we should build formative and summative assessment instruments that can be baked into websites, apps and tools. People should be able to edit / improve on instruments in a community kind of way.
  4. Beginning immediately and through the next year we should start building apps and experimenting with mass collaboration for assessment.
  5. In the medium term we should build a repository of guidelines, templates, assessment instruments and approaches.
  6. In the long term we should build a fun community around assessment and broadening peoples skills and knowledge regarding assessment and accreditation.
  7. As an ongoing initiative we should encourage research and centers of excellence around open assessment and its relationship with open accreditation.



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