“Gym fee” college

In this model tuition is reduced to a level that is more akin to a monthly gymclub membership (which my group at SNHU talked about as a reasonable target) or as their President calls it equivalent to a monthly “cable-fee”.

Here are the pieces that resonate with me from this Chronicle overview:
1) Self-paced, mentor (rather than faculty) led
2) Sophisticated platform – see the bit about him hiring Google developers – that allows a freemium trial period from which user data is gathered
3) Large scale data collection that allows tailoring of content / learning analytics to tailor a student’s experience
4) Integration, or at least similar user experience to, platforms that students already know (Facebook)

I’d love to get under the hood and see how the curriculum is assembled – are key skills being emphasized or is the learning focused on topics and deliverables as with a more traditional model? and are they making use of OER ? – I assume their pricing is not compromised with $200 text book fees…
Their lack of accreditation would seem to be a (current) disadvantage but, as one of my colleagues put it in our early am review: “we don’t want to depend on the accreditation bit for holding back the competition for too long.  Sooner or later; those gates will open..” – credit LR

The full article is titled No Financial Aid, No Problem and is at http://chronicle.com/article/No-Financial-Aid-No-Problem/131329/


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