Adeptly Adopting Adaptive @ SXSWedu


Last month I was happy to be back in Austin, TX, for the 5th annual SXSWedu conference. This year I felt embraced by the “little brother” nature of the event — appreciating it for what it is — the palate clearer in Austin before Lady Gaga and/or Snoop Dog/Lion swing into town on a wave of hedonism, brisket and moonshine. I’m, of course, talking about SXSW, the “big brother” event for the music, film and interactive industries that more people may be familiar with, which immediately followed the SXSWedu conference. I enjoyed all of the events and features at SXSWedu before buying a cool hoody that made it look to all my friends that I had been at the SXSW main event — I’ll be rocking that for the next week or two at least.

Read this full post on Northeastern University’s Aspire blog


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