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RECK_ARDS  (that’s records in Geordie English)

As this doesn’t fit on the Innovation page or my main page, here it is…
I was going to post on my illicit thrill of buying my first new vinyl record in perhaps 20 years. I have, of course visited the $1 bin, buying duplicate copies of Out of The Blue (ELO) just in case my original gets scratched! But this was, (it soon became THESE WERE) new, proper records (45s no less) by current artists. And they sound awesome!
Then by the next day’s  post I get from my dad in the UK a Times special feature titled “The must-read guide to the vinyl revival”. I hadn’t even mentioned my purchases to him!!

The feature tells that Vinyl sales in the UK were up to over 250,000 in the first 11 months of 2011 (up 40%) while in the US sales were at 3.9 million compared with 2.8 million in 2010.
Geoff Travis of Rough Trade (the label that released The Smiths catalog through the 1980s) was quoted, “Vinyl is returning because there’s a reattachment to something tangible and tactile. You feel the history of something cut on a lathe; an ancester to a piece of shellac”

My records are all dusted off and back on a central shelf at home (to my wife’s doubtless delight), my kids – who may even have missed CDs if they were a few years younger, now understand and love crackly vinyl and know that a penny on the arm of the record player can get it over / through? some minor scratches. These are essential life skills that teach people to be careful with property and respectful of technology (1980’s technology)
I also rotated the sleeves in my 12 inch frames in the family room from New Order to a Beatles / Elvis mix. 6 x 12 inches of striking art! Tell me what artwork you get from CDs; never mind downloads?! (no pun on Nevermind intended – R.I.P Kurt Cobain)

My son still loves Michael Jackson (yay! I have Thriller on vinyl) while my daughters love Lady Gaga. I intend to phase them into Sandinista or The Great Rock ‘n Roll Swindle on vinyl as soon as possible and supplant Gaga with Strummer or Lydon.

NEW doesn’t always mean “improved”!!

PS. I also don’t rate dishwashers highly as I don’t think they save that much time and I hate unloading them. But that’s another post.


Colo(u)rs pinned to mast(s)

Official listing of MY teams for anyone who’s keeping tabs – listed in terms of my duration of interest / depth of affiliation

Newcastle United FC (all else is really an afterthought here on in)
New York Yankees – first time in the US 1989 – (in my defense the Bronx Bombers were terrible then – my first game – lost 19-5 vs. Oakland)
Philadelphia Eagles – as above picked up late 80’s – largely because of coolest quarterback EVER – Randall Cunningham
Chicago Bulls – Jordan, Pippen, Rodman – enough said
Georgia Bulldogs – traveled to Athens (GA) on game day – never had a college team before then – do now.
Cricket – Somerset – Botham, Richards, Garner, Vic Marks (again back in the 80s – dad’s Auntie lived there – great scrumpy!)
Japanese baseball – Hanshin Tigers
Sumo wrestler –Kyokudōzan Kazuyasu (旭道山 和泰)   also liked Terao
Japanese football – Osaka Gamba
(Ice) Hockey – was leaning towards Ottawa Senators – now undeclared


This first Vid was to show my hometown / where I’m from (geographically and spiritually) – note the transition from cool aesthetics and moody music to Black and White blokes kicking around a spherical object – “you can take the boy out of Newcastle, but not the Newcastle out … etc…”

Hometown YouTubes:
Tynemouth outdoor pool (next town over from Whitley Bay where I grew up) – I remember this pool – it was FREEZING!


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