Apple some way short of a full “fix”

I posted recently about the potential for Apple to really nail the e-textbook question with their might and the legacy of Jobs / iTunes / saving the music industry etc.  Of the SIX elements I suggested, they have met, partially met, or come close to, somewhere between three and four – pending interpretation.

I think locking into hardware is their biggest error – with that they may get decent revenue from 10-20% of their target demo. SURELY with more openness / or at least an open platform, they could have shot for 2-3 times that, guaranteeing better adoption and allowing for a lower price point (they have come out with $15, I proposed $10!). A step forward in some regards, but stops short of a full fix…

Apple aims to drive the use of electronic textbooks in the classroom by making it easier for publishers to create interactive titles. The company has announced a range of new tools and services which it claims will “reinvent the textbook”. Leading names in educational resources are involved, including the world’s biggest, UK-based Pearson Publishing. Apple will compete with existing offerings from Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s Nook device. Roger Rosner, Apple’s vice president of productivity applications, demonstrated the books, some of which are now available to download, at an event in New York. Also on display was iBooks Author, a free program that will allow educators and authors to make their own interactive books for the iPad.